Melody Christensen is passionate about helping others through bodywork. She has many years of experience working with a broad range of clients from relaxation to specific injuries and general maintance. She values Western and Eastern philosophies and techniques bringing them together for a wholistic approach.

Melody has a deeply intuitive touch, customizing each session to individual needs. These include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Facilitated Stretching, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Acupressure, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology. As well as Energy Work with Reiki Healing and Acutonic Tuning Forks. She holds space in a way that invites clients to feel supported and comforted so they can truly let go.

Melody is an Herbalist that may use topical herbal blends for optimal results. She also can offer helpful information about herbal remedies to assist clients.

Massage Therapy
Mt. Scott/Arleta, Portland Oregon

  1. Remove Chronic Muscle Spasm
  2. Restore range of motion with out pain.
  3. Increase flexibility
  4. Improve strength of compromised areas
  5. Personalized Rehab Plan

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Devoting Sports Massage therapy for:

Sports Massage is suitable not just for Athletes , but for a wide range of people who are looking to prevent or recover from a soft tissue injury or to simply improve their overall freedom and balance of the muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments.

Sport Massage Therapy

Untreated whiplash and other car accident related injuries can turn into tendonitis dynamic causing soft tissue and disc damage creating longterm chronic tension and pain. A car accident can also cause emotional distress, anxiety, or depression.ons, and aligaments.

In order to restore the body back into balance no matter if it is sports, auto related or something else, Melody’s 5 point plan will ensure injury rehabilitation to avoid relapse.

  • Urban and Competitive Cyclists
  • Runners
  • Triathletes
  • Martial Arts
  • Dancers
  • Hikers
  • Yogi’s
  • Paddlers and more!


Deep tissue massage is used when addressing a specific complaint or injury. Some common issues include neck/back pain, sports injuries, car accidents, tight muscles, etc.  


Sports Massage Therapy    Deep Tissue Massage     Fascial Stretch Therapy     Auto Accident Injury     Pain Relief      Maintenance     CBD Oil     Herbal Products  &  More. 





Sports massage: is beneficial for people of all activity levels. It helps to speed up recovery, reduces the risk of injury, and increases performance by keeping your body in peak condition!

Massage therapy for pain and injuries resulting from a car accident can be one of the most effective ways to heal your body, both physically and emotionally, and your insurance pays for it! 



"Melody is truly amazing.  She has a glow about her as a person and is truly talented as a massage therapist.  I'm so happy I found her!"

"I have a long history of extreme sports and have never found a therapist as skilled in attentive as Melody.  She is highly skilled with natural ability to work out the years of activity that I've put my body through.   I recommend her to everyone who needs body work."



Package Deals

45 min. Session $55

60 min. Session $90

90 min. Session $120

2 hour Session $180

60 min. 3 pack: $255 saving $20

60 min. 5 pack: $400 saving $60

90 min. 3 pack: $345 saving $40

90 min. 5 pack: $550 saving $80